Hathern Parish Council

Serving the people of Hathern

Village Hall

Clerk: Maureen Spencer
10 St Peters Avenue, Hathern
Loughborough LE12 5JL

The Parish Council is responsible for the management of trees on its property and we have a Tree Management Policy that guides our inspection and maintenance programmes. You can find our policy at the [/link]bottom of this page.

We inspect our trees regularly to ensure they are safe and not causing damage. We look for:

  • signs of instability
  • weakness to the tree's structure
  • disease and/or poor health
  • obstructions to road access or visibility
  • root damage to road surfaces and pavements
  • interference with service cables /overhead wires

Any preventative works we identify from inspections are included on our tree maintenance programme.

Contact us here if you think one of our trees is unsafe or has one of these problems.

We don't sort out problems caused by trees, such as:

  • falling leaves, fruits, seeds and sap
  • light and shading
  • branches hanging into your garden
  • pollen and allergies
  • honeydew deposits (produced by aphids feeding on the leaves of trees)
  • roosting birds and droppings
  • interference with television reception, telephones and solar panels

Leicestershire County Council (LCC) maintains trees on land it owns in the Parish, for example trees on roadside verges. Contact LCC directly to report a problem with a tree on its land.

Highway Trees Phone: 0116 305 0001

Trees on County Council sites Phone: 0116 305 5000 Email: propertyhelpdesk@leics.gov.uk