Hathern Parish Council

Serving the people of Hathern

Village Hall

Clerk: Maureen Spencer
10 St Peters Avenue, Hathern
Loughborough LE12 5JL

Financial Information


The Precept is that element of your Council Tax that is paid to Hathern Parish Council.

Every year, the Parish Council draws up budgets and calculates how much money it needs for the next Financial Year. These are usually finalised at the January Full Council meeting and then submitted to Charnwood Borough Council (CBC). CBC co-ordinates the other demands from Leicestershire County Council, the Police and themselves and come up with the rate to be paid from 1st April of that year.

Financial Regulations

  • Financial Regulations (Word Document, 53 Kb)

    Hathern Parish Council's Financial Regulations - last reviewed April 2021

List of Current Contracts Awarded & Value of Content

At present, the Council has only one regular contractor and that is MBG Ltd, who have been appointed to carry out Grounds Maintenance Works and Verges within the Parish.

This contractor was appointed for a 4 year period from April 2020. The initial value of the contract was £7975 per annum.