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Hathern Community Grants

Hathern Parish Council has two schemes open to communtiy groups and organisations for local funding.

Our Small Grants Scheme aims to provide small grants with a very easy to manage application, whilst our Larger Grants Scheme requires some simple supplementary paperwork.

Small Grants Scheme (Upto £350)

Purpose of scheme

Each year Hathern Parish Council allocates a small sum of money to assist local groups to undertake projects or activities of benefit to the community of Hathern. The grant can be used for a number of purposes including community activities, environmental work, provision of community facilities and recreational events or activities.

Who can apply?

Local groups and organisations are eligible to apply providing the money is to be used for the benefit of the village and its inhabitants. Alongside this form, evidence of likely cost or actual expense should be provided.

Those not eligible for a grant

The following are not eligible for a grant:

  • Private organisations operated as a business to make profit.
  • Individuals requesting funding for personal benefit (this includes sponsorship for charitable purposes, travel grants and educational purposes).
  • Organisations requesting funding for religious activities or the promotion of religious causes.
  • National organisations that have access to funds from national sources or parent organisations.
  • Groups supporting political activity
  • Organisations requesting funding for purposes that are the responsibility of statutory agencies.

Grant limits

Because the grant available is limited a maximum of £350 per application will normally apply. Normally only one grant will be given to any group or organisation in any financial year (1st April to 31st March), however in exceptional circumstances the Council can decide to award more than a single grant/year. Grants will not be accepted for items already purchased. The Parish Council may approach you after your grant to confirm the funds have been spent in accordance with the application.

Larger Grants Scheme

In addition to the Small Grants Scheme available, larger grants will be considered. Funding is granted from the same sum of money allocated to assist local groups. The grant can be used for the same purposes, including community, activities, environmental work, provision of community facilities and recreational events or activities.

The same eligibility criteria applies for this grant.

In addition to the small grants application, the Parish Council would expect the following to be submitted alongside any application:

  • A minimum of 3 quotes, demonstrating that value has been sought in undertaking the project
  • An outline of timescales for the project, including when you envisage it will be completed, and how you plan to source any other funds to complete.
  • Where appropriate, a business plan may be requested to ensure funds are put to best use.

* Required Field

Grant Application Form

Should your application be successful, this is where we would be sending the cheque to.

Briefly describe what it is your group does in the village.

Does your Group/Organisation have the following:
For all grants please answer the below:

The more information the better here, thank you!

If the grant you're applying for is just part of the total cost, let us know here

If you are applying for a grant to purchase a specific item, paste the link to it in here. This shows us you have looked for appropriate value already.

For Larger Grants

We require 3 quotations for larger grant applications. These can be uploaded below, alongside your Group/Organisation's bank statement.

For example, if the project is niche and 3 providers aren't able to quote.